LeadYourself is a programme about self-leadership to unlock human potential for a more productive, meaningful and fulfilling life. It is being offered to grade 7 learners in primary schools and to grade 9 learners in secondary schools. The first programmes were launched in Kayamandi in 2019. The youth LeadYourself programme will be expanded to schools in black urban spaces across South Africa.

Our Story

Frans Roelofse, Beauty Makanda and Nicky Silwana-Peter started the LeadYourself programmes in 2018 after many discussions amongst themselves as to what they could do to invest in the long-term future of South Africans living in black urban spaces. Many teachers and headmasters joined them in rolling out this programme to unlock human potential in schools

LeadYourself programme for adults is available and this can he hosted for groups or employees, teachers and other adult groups.

A persistent problem in South Africa is the urgent need to unlock human potential amongst black South Africans. This is a challenge, which is not always fully acknowledged as an impediment for individuals to take control of their own lives and destinies.

Unlocking Human Potential

We all have the tools in ourselves to take control of our own lives and live a better and more productive life.

LeadYourself programmes are focusing on helping individuals to uncover their toolboxes and use it for maximum results.

Launching Self-Leadership

Our LeadYourself programmes help individuals to become their own Destiny Managers.

Raising Champions

Our youth programmes start with grade 7 learners.  We help to raise Champions in the black urban spaces in South Africa.

We coach youngsters to overcome poverty & other challenges, and maximize the power of self.

Restoring Hope

In the mostly poor urban black communities, hope is can be an elusive commodity. Mindful of the environments in which we work.

LeadYourself has a powerful focus on restoring hope as a great tool to inspire individuals to take control.

LeadYourself is a guide

To invest in your own future

Unlocking your own potential is the best investment you can make in yourself.  We will show you what tools you already have inside yourself to build a better future.  And we will coach you how to use them for maximum results. If you want a great future, invest in yourself.

To become your own Destiny-Manager

If you know where you want to go, we help you to activate your GPS and find the best way to your destination.

To equip young persons to define themselves as modern men and modern women

The specialized young.man programme to help young males redefine themselves to participate in the future has been hugely successful.  In South Africa, where gender violence is a big issue, we focus on young men to break the bonds of stereotypes to become modern men.

To restoring hope by overcoming abuse, broken homes & poverty

Those living on the floor of our planet are often most exposed to abuse, broken homes and poverty.  LeadYourself is a programme giving individuals the tools for a better and more productive life – thereby restoring hope.


We are currently coaching in a few schools in black urban areas, and we hope to expand across the country.


At LeadYourself we are optimistic, but also realistic.  It is our firm belief that unlocking human potential is the best investment we can make in the long-term future of individuals. 

We are working 24/7 to build our resources to equip more coaches.  With more coaches we want to reach at least 10 000 young South Africans.

Courses & Projects

LeadYourself programmes can be adapted for any age group and professional group. Any group of persons can ask us to customize a programme for them.  It’s simple – just ask.

LeadYourself programme was developed and presented through a number of talks to address the issues of self-awareness, the possibilities within oneself and the positive results for each individual by taking leadership control of his/her own life.


You can make us stronger & help us to reach more individuals. Today is a good day to support LeadYourself.

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